Blaz is a premium quality, USA hemp based smokes company, aiming to create a unique THC-free experience with the smoker in mind. Blaz smokers are in their mid to late 20’s, and have a playful edge rooted in self expression. With this in mind we took their branding in a carelessly cool direction, using color and typography to connect the audience to Blaz’s social presence. Our goal for the Blaz account was to create one that is completely run by a creative community that’s made up of our followers and fans of the smokes. We were able to cultivate this over the past year and have received such strong content that we have not created content for Blaz since the initial launch. 


As the account runs on UGC (User Generated Content), gifting is an essential part of keeping the account running to ensure that content is continuously made. Through our influencer gifting we have been able to generate over a year's worth of unique content evokes a sense of personality in every photo and video. The continuation of our gifting will yield further creative content that we see ourselves tagged in and post on our own page. This use of quality UGC ensures that others who are gifted Blaz smokes will create equally premium content as they see what is featured on our page.