CASETiFY creates military grade phone cases that are unique and personal. With a vast array of designs and expert crafting but little acknowledgement in the US market, we stepped in as an all-in-one solution to cover influencer relations across North America as well as heading US ad strategy and content creation. We studied the moves of competitors and brought our own knowledge and network to this client. Round Two sourced over 500+ influencers in key demographics to receive gifting targeted to each individual. Rather than jumping into a massive budget for paid campaigns, we created a unique experience for influencers to create posts just for the love of a product rather than a paycheck. We believe that our personal touch and attention given to each individual influencer is the reason behind our success as we saw a flood of organic content generated.

Round Two also participated in strategizing and creating photo and video content for advertisements based on CASETiFY’s needs. Utilizing US hubs such as LA and NY locations, we could put CASETiFY into recognizable territory to resonate with the US audience.
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